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  1. Just trying to get started in blogging now. Confused as to where to host my blog. Regardless, your post will help me to be a better blogger once I figure out where to have it hosted. Thanks for the guidlines. PS: Love when you are on TWiT with Leo and friends. Peace!

    1. Thanks Jeff. Also, try hosting your blog on WordPress.com and once you get the hang of it, go host on one of the many places that offer WP for you. Of course, there is Tumblr too.

  2. Well said Om. I especially like the part … well actually I like all ten of them.

    I too have been blogging for a decade and couldn’t have said it better myself.

    The only thing I would add is I would tie #4 with #6. If you don’t have anything intelligent to say then perhaps another day will suffice. 😉



  3. Good post! I have been blogging since 2004 and it was good to read these tips and to remember the basics. Lately I have been a bit of a bad “community” member as my blogging has dropped off to once a week.

  4. Very good points Om. It has been a pleasure to read you, as well hear you in the various forums like Twit, Gilmore gang, etc. only minor area where i would add my thoughts is to echo BlogBloke’s point regarding points 4 and 6. Sometimes the worry that you might not have anything important or interesting to say could be paralytic in its own way.

    Keep writing, here’s wishing you another wonderful decade ahead.


    1. Brij

      I think we all know when we don’t have something/anything interesting to say. I think most of us don’t pay heed to our inner censor which advises us against writing something. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the post.

  5. Huge thx!
    Great 10 rules. You save me from buying expensive books on how to blog!
    My fav is rule 8, great spark plug for integrity too. Always quote you in my networking workshops, you always contribute!

  6. One question would be the role of Twitter when publishing a traditional blog. Can I, say, not show up to my blog every day if I’m on Twitter instead? To what extent do they complement, replace, supplement, etc.?

    1. Steve

      I am not sure I quite understand your question. My view is that certain people will come to your site, but mostly people who are using Twitter or Facebook are using those as a way to pick up on when you have a new post. It is important to make sure that people get access to your stuff wherever they are.

  7. Excellent 10 rules.

    I like the 15 minute wait rule – especially if you are blogging about something you’re annoyed about, sometimes it’s best to cool down before you hit the ‘post’ button.

    Nice work.

  8. Dear Mr. Malik:

    I found it interesting that you would take the time to reply to the person (Brijwhiz) who referred to my comments, but not directly with me. Quite frankly sir I don’t understand your reasoning, but nevertheless assuming that you disagree with me I will say this.

    I stated that we should not feel obligated to write every day simply because I read all the time from marketers and content curators that we should be constantly feeding Google for SEO. I flatly disagree with that proposition because it is a reason why we see so much degraded content today. That is my contribution for a possible #11 to the list.

    Snubbing someone who takes the time to engage is in my opinion indirectly just as rude as being directly confrontational. Talking down to others is also a form of rudeness. It is a passive way of being confrontational, especially if you are in a position of influence.

    An owner of a blog has the right of course to do what he wants. However, if I feel slighted I also have the right to not visit that blog again.

    Thank you for allowing me my two cents and have a great day.


  9. BlogBloke,

    I don’t think I did that intentionally and no malice was intended. I am sorry if your feelings have been hurt and as I said it was not my intention.

    As for disagreeing or agreeing with you, I am sure we are both entitled to our opinions and they are equally valid.

    Thanks for writing.

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