11 thoughts on “New Look, New Domain, New Realization: Mobile First Means Simple & Elegant”

  1. Simple. Straightforward. Puts the focus on the content. Even the social icons are minimalist. What’s not to like? Actually, it’s almost anti-hipster, which I love…but so anti-hipster, that it’s hipster? No, I don’t think it crosses that chasm. Sorry for the internal dialogue spilling out…overall, very nice!

  2. The new site looks great. Getting mobile friendly is very important. I got to this post via my twitter account and I read this from my iPhone when I was on a treadmill. It pleasant to read. I could even manage to type a short comment. Also, I got into some wordpress error while submitting it 🙁 Just wanted to get this to you (now via my laptop)

    1. The wordpress error. Somethings we can’t control. 🙂 THanks for liking the piece. I will try and make commenting better. Stay tuned.

  3. I like the new design, though loading your home page on my 1st gen iPad running the latest version of iOS had some rendering issues when I scrolled up and down on the page.

    While aesthetically pleasing, I’d argue that the sidebar design is an example of “Mystery Meat Navigation” (http://leonpaternoster.com/2010/08/when-is-mystery-meat-navigation-acceptable/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mystery_meat_navigation).

    This style of pictogram navigation without explanatory text has become fashionable again (including, I would add in some of my favorite apps, such as Reeder), but there are some real usability problems with using icons without supporting text.

    Should a user have to click on each icon to figure out what each button means? For example, my first guess would be that the envelope icon represents a link to email you, but that’s not the case.

    1. Jason

      The point of the mystery side bar is that you don’t need all that stuff. You are here to read what’s on the screen or watch what’s there instead of trying to fiddle around and waste your time. I am not interested in an extraneous stuff.

  4. Om,

    Loving the redesign. It’s clean, minimal and truly brings the content to the fore. Looking forward to reading more from you at the blog 🙂

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