4 thoughts on “Steve Jobs, Design & Silicon Valley”

  1. At least in the CE business world. There are many other parts that find them to be centrally important and others that never will.

    My worry about the CE world is, although people see it is important, the culture and employee mix at most of the companies make implementation nearly impossible.

    1. Well said. Ironically after years of ambivalence, things are changing in Silicon Valley. I feel the software and services are getting better.

  2. I heard there is a new acquihire valuation equation and I think is speaks to the rising value/appreciation for design in the business world.

    It used to be +$1m *(engineer) – $500k * (MBA) = acquihire price
    Now it is +$1m *(engineer) – $500k * (MBA) + $2m * (designer) = acquihire price


  3. Totally disagree. There were many designers + CE giants, Sony for one, that had enormous credibility in design business and each product they announced.
    Jobs was great but this sensationalism of him and Apple that everyone is buying into really needs to stop..siri-ously!

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