14 thoughts on “Introducing “what a man needs” series”

    1. Thanks Andy. Maybe I will get style tips from you and you can share what shoes to buy 🙂

    1. Thanks saurabh. I will try and keep it simple. Nothing very complicated. Simple photos and basics to start with.

  1. I’m reasonably well known as a too casual dresser, but I have an interest in the future of the made to measure and bespoke industry. Following the reasoned commentary of someone who has a well developed sense of style would be fascinating as well as useful.

  2. Looking forward to the posts, Om.

    Lived most of my life as an L.L.Bean advert. The only thing I ever learned from fashionistas is a better way to trim my beard.

  3. Looking forward to your commentary, Om. I’ve always run on the preppie side of style — I find blogs like “A Suitable Wardrobe,” “A Continuous Lean,” and “Unabashedly Prep” to survey the territory quite well. And happy new year!

    1. Hello Eric

      Thanks for the comment and hopefully I will be decent addition to those pretty awesome blogs! I am just going to keep things more personal and practical so as to not overlap with others!

  4. God, I wanted to make fun of you for this. The opening is there (and I reserve the right to mock you in the future)

    However, this is a great topic and I’m sure you’ll provide some much needed guidance.

    This is going to cost me.

  5. Ferragamo suede loafers. Love at first step. 5 years they have travelled the world with me. I love them deeply.

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