9 thoughts on “The more you talk, the less you say”

  1. “People to People” economy. Huh – you’re the first writer I’ve heard refer to what we (unimaginatively) call, “online to offline”.

    Keep talking about it. I think it has far greater implications than apps like Airbnb. Jack

  2. As a PR pro and former journalist, I completely agree with the assertion of speak to often and it’s just noise. HOWEVER, I’d argue that no journalists just want a company to peddle its products despite every marketing exec wanting it to be this way. Most journalists that I deal with and worked with as colleagues want sources/experts that they know they can go to for a comment when either industry news and/or company news come up.

  3. Nicely written in plain english. Gets the message across. The mantra is to just keep doing the work.

  4. As a founder I can see it as a hard habit to break. You get trained early on to talk about your startup whenever you get a chance. You don’t have a choice. The media doesn’t pick up the phone and ask for you…. so you pitch constantly. And it works.

    Then, when you get some success, I’m not sure it would be easy to dial that back.

  5. This is great and true. Our firm represents several media trainers who would be thrilled to speak with you and offer specific tips and strategic advice worthy of a follow-up post. Can we get something on the schedule?


    would be thril

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