iPhone vs Android vs Anything

Earlier this evening my colleague Kevin Tofel reviewed the new Windows Mobile powered Nokia Lumia 900 that is designed for AT&T’s LTE network. He seems to think that it as a legitimate third option to iPhone and Android. I had bought a Nokia Lumia 800 when in India and was going to do a review. After using it for a week, I put it in a box and forgot about it. Just like I have some of the Android phones that got sent for reviews.

The non iOS devices for me are purely for academic purposes and to keep up with the devices, trends and apps. Sure, there are some great things about all these non iOS platforms. However, since I end up spending bulk of my day on my iPhone, I find it hard to switch switch gestures and learn new interaction behaviors with the new platforms. And that is why I have stopped doing reviews of any of the smartphones — not to mention that Kevin is simply awesome when it comes to device reviews. Also, I think I have become an obsessive iPhonegrapher and love taking pictures with my iPhone all the time.

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