LinkedIn: You Are Fired.

I signed up for LinkedIn a long time ago. I did so, because everyone kept sending me requests and well, my boss at the time wanted me to write about it. I didn’t find it very useful. That was a lifetime ago. I don’t find it useful now. Infact, I rarely visit the website. There has never been any need for me *personally* to use it.

Infact I get so much unwanted email from the service and from people I don’t know and don’t want to know. Today, I got so frustrated with the whole email thing, that I shut down the account. Done! I will give them full credit for making it much easier than say Facebook to delete my account.

Nevertheless, LinkedIn calls itself a business social network, but much like Facebook it is very asocial — my word for any social service that lacks emotion, empathy and understanding of how real people live and use their offerings!

PS: For the record, I am not suggesting anyone else follow suit and do this. However, as Fred Wilson says, finding your voice is a good way to find yourself and be found.

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