9 thoughts on “Here is what I am reading these days”

  1. I never catch up. The corner table in the living room has my iPad, Harmony remote controlling everything from sound to video to Apple TV, CD jukebox and more. And the books I’m trying to complete:

    Deng Xiaoping by EzraVogel
    Post-American World, revised, updated by Fareed Zakaria
    The Price of Civilization by Jeffrey Sachs
    William Gibson’s last 2 books – embarrassing because I’m usually current with his fiction
    Raptors of North America by Brian Wheeler – my favorite birds


  2. So, what’s your approach? Do you read serially or in parallel?

    BTW – The post’s title is also a little wonky: “Here is what’s I am reading these days” should be “Here is what I am reading these days.”

    1. Tom

      I read in parallel. I think the approach to reading is that I have for watching Netflix — something new every day.

  3. Every title what i’m reading here is new to me. But i have interest in reading all these and may be little difficult to read everything. @om malik Bro, try to publish what yu learned from them, a short note may be worthable..

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