5 thoughts on “Shirts… They’re such beautiful shirts”

  1. Fascinating post, Om. I also struggle with shirts, mainly finding ones that are different. A guy can only have so many blue button-downs, and you really only need 1-2 white ones normally. The rest……well, it’s tough to find ones that don’t look like everything else out there. Thanks for the recommendations on smaller brands to check out. I’m continually on the hunt for new shirts.

  2. I have streamlined my wardrobe to a black long sleeve dress shirt. That’s it. It seems to go with everything (both jeans and dress pants) and it’s just one extra choice/decision that I don’t have to add to my day. It’s not a great choice if you need to wear a tie (I never do).

    My black shirt of choice is from a company called mexx. I basically wait until they are on sale and I buy 10-14 shirts in one shot. I like their shirts because they take much longer to fade over other brands that I have tired. I also like the color and the double buttons on the cuffs.

    In a perfect world, I’d love to just wear a t-shirt with a Lululemon sweater, but until then, my standard issue black dress shirt suits me just fine.

  3. Om – I absolutely agree! I love dress shirts myself and don’t think I can ever stop getting more, especially if you find the “perfect fitting” shirt….. which I have…

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