3 Speakers for iPad/iPhone


I am currently listening to most of my music on the new Big Jambox as part of my continuing hands-on review. While, it is no where close to my Sonos Play 3, which essentially sounds like a pint-sized Luciano Pavarotti, it is turning out to be a decent addition to the growing list of wireless speakers that work with iPod, iPhone, iPad and Spotify. 

In addition, to Big JamBox, I spotted two more that are worth keeping an eye on. I have no plans to buy either one, but if you are looking to acquire one, check these two as well. 

I am particularly intrigued by Aris by Aperion Audio though it is really made for Windows PC environments. It uses WiFi to stream music and costs $500. Expensive! 

Introducing aris

Bang & Olufsen have also come up with a brand new iPad-focused speaker/dock, BeoPlay A3. It is going to cost around $727 and is a high-end device to dock your iPad. This one looks so sleek, that I almost want it for aesthetic purposes. 

Bang olufsen beoplay a3 ipad dock 1 620x413

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