3 thoughts on “3 Speakers for iPad/iPhone”

  1. I’ve helped a few folks get up and running with kit that sounds better than any of these for the price of an Airport Express or Apple TV. Just use AirPlay and some old Bose 201 or 301 class speakers and an old amp or receiver. Many of us have this stuff sitting in our garage or basement or know people of the generation that had small component stereos.

    I’ve auditioned the BeoPlay and wasn’t very impressed … If a person just wants background music in a room and wants to buy a new box either of the Jamboxes is great –

  2. If you store your music as MP3, then it soes not matter much what you use. Compression is too high for high quality. However if you use one of the quality audio formats, I’d agree with steve above. Recycle that good quality audio system sitting in the basement or garage.

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