One thought on “Of buzz, brands & social media”

  1. Om,

    Buzz is one thing – reality is another (sometimes reality is hidden in the buzz).

    Do you follow cloud/servers ? There is a small company that sells a memory called HyperCloud (IBM/HP just started selling it).

    It is going to takeover the server memory business next year (and is the basis of DDR4 – JEDEC will license it).

    It will own LRDIMMs this year (in fact there is a cloud over LRDIMMs – they challenged IP – that IP got reaffirmed and strengthened – you know what happens when patent reexams challenges fail).

    If you or Jo Maitland are interested, drop me a line.

    Right now buzz is about LRDIMMs for Intel Romley and DDR4 for 2013 (reality behind it not covered).

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