2 thoughts on “Kickstarter Perry Chen on creativity and industrial creative complex”

  1. There is a blurry line here – as someone who has thought quite a bit about creativity enhancing and even creation tools, I would cared with Perry that the web tools to date don’t create the creativity, but merely facilitate it. There are a class of tools and systems, however, that are much closer to the process – so close that they can become bound with it and perhaps are partly responsible for some of the creation…

    but not on the web – at least not yet…

    There are still many great frontiers … I continue to take delight in the expansion of my realization of my ignorance.

    1. Steve

      I think he is making precisely that point. Network and tools are giving us options to connect in many which ways and also making it easier to create without much friction. In other words, lack of tools and connections are not an excuse for lack of creativity. 🙂

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