8 thoughts on “Here is what Apple did for Twitter”

  1. This is fantastic, there is Facebook integration down the line with iOS 6 and i don’t think it will have the same boost… as FB seems to have started to saturate it’s market.

  2. I have very reluctantly logged in using Twitter so I could post this comment.
    When I’m out on the web the absolute last thing I want is to be forced to log into some social media platform. More and more, however, I’m finding that websites only allow comments from Facebook accounts. I went to the effort of creating a fake Facebook identity for the purpose, but it makes me angry that I’m being tracked everywhere I go.
    I hope the system-wide Facebook integration in iOS 6 lets me decide which apps are allowed to see my ID and which aren’t (hint: all of them except the Facebook app itself).

    1. You could have logged in using your WordPress credentials or even anonymous login – just your comment would be held in queue.

  3. Twittter is natural-born for mobile. And consumption is becoming hugely asymmetric in that 99% of the tweets consumed are from a teeny .1% of pro users. Makes for a hugely monetizable beast!

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