14 thoughts on “This is Apple’s mission. What is your startup’s mission?”

  1. This is what every startup should think about. Make products and deliver services that compel, help, increase the productivity of their users.

  2. Apple’s mission is well stated and rings true. Too many mission states try too hard to be PC and you can see right through the insincerity. Result: Immediate distrust. Bad, bad for new businesses.

    1. Amen to that. I think that indeed is the key issue. Most companies don’t think about the mission hard enough. I think coming up with a company’s vision is much harder that most think because it means you have to actually fundamentally believe in something and think about the long term.

  3. Om, do you subscribe to the idea that the “Why we do” should absolutely come before the “What we do” such as Simon Sinek preaches? I’m not sure that I have to know a companies heart before I decide to purchase their product. I say product first and BTW this is who we are if you are interested. But, I concede that I am not sure I am correct in thinking this way.

  4. We’ve been apart of a start-up that has been going and growing for a bit north of 2,000 years. Our particular franchise is located in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Our mission statement, echos the founder’s mission, “To love God, and our neighbor as ourselves.” and “To go make disciples of all nations…” Our localized mission statement is “To reach people where they are, transform them through Jesus Christ, and send them out to impact the World for Him.” http://www.huntvalleychurch.org

  5. Years ago my particle physics group (which was a startup in some sense) had this mission statement:

    “To create at a few new and hopefully deeper questions for each question we tackle and thus increase the collective ignorance of physics”

    I should note that ignorance, at least in the “hard” sciences has a special meaning: namely new questions that move the frontier boundary outwards. Science advances for new ignorances rather than answers.

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