8 thoughts on “Mistakes we make”

    1. @Geroge

      Agreed. Paying attention to one’s own capabilities and only having expectations of thyself if the best way to avoid disappointments 😉 Actually my grandfather taught me that.

  1. Yes. I am 58 and determined to spend the last 1/3rd of my life being and doing what I’ve always felt I should have been doing. Of course with age comes wisdom, experience and confidence. I’m ready to be me, build something big and have fun in the process.

  2. It’s not so easy to know who you really are, what you really stand for, and what you really want. It’s even harder to make the choices that demonstrate a commitment to those truths when those choices may cost you your relationships, your finances, your health, or your status. Those who achieve clarity and can follow through on their choices live exceptional lives. May you have an exceptional 2014!

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