3 thoughts on “What is Vans [Video]”

  1. I grew up with Vans – their factory was in my hometown (until moving overseas 1994). In the 70s you could bring your own fabric to the store and they would make up a totally custom pair – mine were green camouflage. You hade to wait months and months, but that phone call from the store – what excitement!!! Note: The founder’s name was Paul Van Doren.

  2. Om, thanks for posting this. My two boys are Vans fans and many of their friends are too. I knew that owning & wearing Vans was an important lifestyle statement for them. I appreciate it more having seen this video. They are going to love this video when I share it with them.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for sharing your story with me. I love the story of these brands and how they transcend generations.

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