2 thoughts on “Now this is what I call broadband..”

  1. After a 9-hour outage, this weekend, followed by a lot of hollering on my part – 6 failed attempts to find out if this was a local outage or a hardware problem at my home network – I got a callback from Comcast.

    When they asked what I’d like to see, I quoted your access and speeds – and they patted themselves on the back about 105 Mbps just turned on only 50 miles away; but, should be getting to my neck of the prairie “real soon now”.

    Of course they’d have to charge me more. Right now, I pay about what you do for twice as fast – for 6 – 16 Mbps. And I have exactly one other choice available – offering less than 3 Mbps.

    Free markets ain’t exactly heaven outside the 50 biggest DMAs in the country.

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