3 thoughts on “Apple vs Microsoft OS Philosophy”

  1. I don’t think that’s indicative of philosophy at all. Microsoft has been iterative for a long time, and desperately needed to start over. I use both, and to be honest, the last few updates to OS X haven’t been particularly compelling. I can say the same for Vista and 7.

    1. I think they went too far with the new OS. I tried using it and got totally confused by it. It was fairly easy to grok it when I saw it run on a tablet. I think they are trying to put the new Windows into too many form factors instead of focusing on one. Anyway difference of opinions here.

  2. Only have to click on “Desktop” to get to old classical interface, not that confusing for me.

    If you want the real difference in philosophy and approach take the Ipad vs Surface :

    Apple try to make it possible to get what’s on an Iphone to be possible on the Ipad at first. Then they decided to implement many iOS features into OSX.

    Microsoft try to make it possible to get what’s on PC to be possible on the Surface at first. Then they decided to merge Windows into one.

    The new “Starting Point” in Windows 8, for now, can be called a new dynamic menu called “Modern UI” and you still have the possibility to get back to classic in a click and run what’s on PC and never been updated for a decade almost everywhere in businesses applications and home users old acquired softwares…

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