That Matt Kid

photomatt aka Matt Mullenweg is still the very same guy. There is no one I know who applauds other people’s success that Matt. I am just glad he is in my life and is a friend.

‘I remember him being a very happy kid, always had a smile on his face, kind of like the way he is now,’ Caceres said. ‘He built two computers for me at my house and in 2000 he built a website for me, and that was pretty new at the time.’

His friend Rene Ornelas, a Houston firefighter and emergency medical technician, recalls Mullenweg as a ‘cool nerd’ who knew all the lyrics to every rap song. He was ‘so smart’ and willing to share all he knew, Ornelas said: ‘He’d help me with ideas for my school papers.’

(via Houston Chronicle)

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