Amsterdam Day Four


The fourth day in Amsterdam was as perfect as it can get. Sunny but not too hot. No rain and of course it was Monday, which made it less crazy as well. Here are some photos from day four of my week long trip….

20121016-161157.jpg 20121016-161341.jpg 20121016-161323.jpg 20121016-161310.jpg 20121016-161302.jpg 20121016-161248.jpg 20121016-161237.jpg 20121016-161213.jpg 20121016-161205.jpg 20121016-161131.jpg 20121016-161122.jpg 20121016-161102.jpg 20121016-161052.jpg 20121016-161043.jpg 20121016-161031.jpg 20121016-161022.jpg

More photos

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