5 thoughts on “Carl Sagan & America’s dystopic future”

  1. Carl Sagan had a noticeable disdain for all things “new-age.” You’d think the weed would have helped with that. For such a smart man, he sure had a lot of negativity in him.

    I’m continuously encouraged for the outlook of this planet, whether the U.S. is a leader is completely unimportant.

  2. In fairness to Sagan he was very optimistic about the human race – but only if we made an effort to think and choose wisely. He was an early scientist as scientific popularizer who managed to have real success even though he took a lot of professional flack.

  3. Sounds like a skeptic. There is power in everyone’s hands these days and if needed, a revolution comes through social evolution. Change is something that starts inside of each of us; with that we can change the world

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