One thought on “Why we don’t solve big problems”

  1. Maybe part of the problem is we argue too much. Disagreeing and having your own opinion is fine, but at some point we need to learn to agree, or agree to disagree. At time of writing this, 145 people are agreeing and disagreeing with great passion on thoughts from the article. Religion, science, technology, politics, and social issues are all examples of this. It seems impossible that we we will ever all agree, but maybe I’ll disagree with myself. Is it a good thing that we never all agree? Maybe disagreeing (or as JFK in the article does…challenge us) makes us rethink ourselves, our ideas, and our existence.

    Sometimes the most simple solutions, are the most brilliant. If you are are struggling with solving a big problem, maybe you are thinking too hard and the solution is right in front of you.

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