12 thoughts on “In conversation with Matt Mullenweg, WordPress”

  1. Please. I hope to god WordPress doesn’t get acquired.

    Love Matt’s view on the walled garden. Nobody actually wants data silos. If all the parts could work together, then that would make the users’ life easier… and hey, social networks still get what they’re after – user data, sentiment, preferences etc. The Twitter/Instagram fiasco for example is awful, and I am personally still pretty bummed. But Matt is right – you can always come home to your blog and use that as a hub.

    On another note, I am loving Matt’s facial hair.

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    Quite an interesting chat between Om Malik and Matt Mullenweg at Le Web, definitely worth watching for some of Matt’s thoughts on the future of WP and the open web.

  3. I have blogged on other sites and WordPress is the very best. This video explains why. Matt Mullenweg has a great understanding of how we use blogging to reach out across the world. I have friends in every continent because of WordPress!

  4. WordPress is excellent!! Please Mr. Mullenweg don’t mess up how great your site is in order to be popular and be like everyone else’s sites!! Keep WordPress the unique and wonderful blogging platform that it is!

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    Philosophy of the Web 101. I think everyone who’s interested in where the Web is and where it’s going, or in the evolution of social media, and mobile media, will want to hear this 20-minute conversation between Om Malek and Matt Mullenweg.

  6. Matt is open and flexible and moving through the world of communications as I would expect him to continue to do.

    Om asks questions that make me think beyond Matt’s answers, beyond the interview.

    Thank you.

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