All this talk is good for us & the Internet

For the web and the technology ecosystem, past few weeks have been restless and anxiety prone. There have been tantrums thrown and protests lodged. There have been cheesy observations made by billionaires whose success gives them a veneer of being right. To sum that sound and fury has resulted in disgust. I look at the intellectual sandstorm and instead of hiding, I stand an marvel, for it is damn good to see that blogging alive and kicking.

Anil Dash, Dave Winer, Derek Powazek, Mathew Ingram, Felix Salmon, MG Siegler, Nate Wilson and Cap Watkins, who are talking about what’s important to them and the web and how it all impacts the Internet in the future. Long before we fetishized the funding news releases and Apple rumors, this is what blogging is supposed to be — a public debate and discussion. Can we all promise that in next year we will talk more about things that matter, more often, more vocally. 

A letter from Om

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