6 thoughts on “All this talk is good for us & the Internet”

  1. at times i tire of all that’s social, and delve deeply into the blog domain, looking for thoughtfulness, insight and controversy with a palpable depth. How about Doc Searls, and Seth..

  2. I gave up on much of the “social” web – I spend a bit of time reading and writing blogs, but not much else as I’m attracted to depth. I was delighted to run into Anil’s posts as I strongly disagreed with him and it was nice to see the fuss stirred up.

    But over the past few years I’m becoming more enchanted with the big challenges that face us. There has been so little taste for them for a few decades, but I have a sense that is changing. The discussion of these challenges is emerging in some of the more interesting blogs.

    1. I think it is good to see that we are talking about things that matter and doesn’t matter where we are talking about them. I have benefitted from it.

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