My year in photos

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2012… I hardly knew ya! Probably one of the busiest years of my life, it was one of the most fun fruitful and satisfying years as well. Sure it was stressful at times and yes, I packed on a few pounds, but let’s just say it was a year lived. Of course this is the year, I fell in love with Photography, thanks to Instagram which gave me the confidence that – yes I can take decent photos and share them with others. And as a result I am going to recap my year in photos. 

2012 was part of the journey of life. It started with reconnecting with family and old friends….lots of them in India.

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In 2012, I enjoyed small things in life and learnt to smile… a little.

IMG 0185 IMG 5097 IMG 4014

In 2012, I celebrated my friend Ryan and Veronica’s wedding

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I read a lot less books than I should have

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I made a whole lot of new friends in 2012

IMG 3494 IMG 3767

In 2012, I visited many many many places like …


IMG 4067 IMG 4026 IMG 4138


IMG 2846


IMG 5032 IMG 4804

New Delhi

IMG 2649 IMG 2665

In 2012, I checked into seven different Apple stores. Amsterdam Apple store is still the coolest so far.

IMG 4142

In 2012, I fell in love with New York all over again..

IMG 2975 IMG 3054

In 2012, I made friends with Los Angeles…finally.

DSC02201  IMG 4712

In 2012, I met lots of interesting people

Like super chef Guy Savoy (with me hamming it up, of course)


design guru Yves Behar


Ken Lehrer, the man behind Huffington Post IMG 3131 Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE P1020017 Leather goods artisan, Basil Racuk IMG 5052

In 2012, I interviewed some really fun and smart people…

Kickstarter Perry Chen (at GigaOM RoadMap)DSC02132Amazon CTO Werner Vogels (at GigaOM Structure Europe)IMG 4239

Instagram co-founder Mike Kreiger at GigaOm Mobilize


Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley at GigaOm Mobilize


The journey continues….

IMG 4586

Happy New Years everyone!

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