3 thoughts on “Airtime vs SnapChat vs Chatroulette”

  1. @om, great writeup. My few cents — “Alive Web” aka “Synchronous Web” is slowly starting to happen but in the mode of short-form communication (like Snapchat) as opposed to long-form communication (like Airtime). The quick, short-form communication is important when it comes to meeting with strangers and Snapchat has done a great job in defining an “Asynchronous way” to do that. I am the founder of @dabkick (dabkick.com) and we play in the same “Alive Web” & “Synchronous” space on mobile so you can have live media based communication with your friends. Would appreciate your thoughts on that.

  2. “Snapchat, on the other hand, is about exposing yourself to a person you know ever so brief (including private parts) ephemeral period and using that as a way of communication.”

    There is a more precise explanation to why Snapchat is a success. I believe it has more to do with the feeling of connecting without consequence than it does with ephemerality and private parts.

    This little quote from Nina Khosla really nails it:


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