4 thoughts on “GoGo: More like GoNoGo or GoSlo Internet”

  1. I completely agree. I just flew up to Seattle and the prices Gogo charges are ridiculous. I don’t know how long it can continue this way and grow. There should be some oversight.

  2. I feel you, Om! Wi-fi on planes today is like wi-fi in coffee shops 5-7 years ago — unreliable and slow. But then consumer demand and expectations grew so high that businesses responded and now good wi-fi is part of practically every coffee shop’s value proposition. The same will eventually happen on planes but the airlines and providers like Gogo would be smart to get out in front of the trend. — denise lee yohn

  3. I like your optimism Ms Lee … but look at something like a drink on a flight. You buy a can of soda and get a cup full of ice and they keep the can with the remainder of the drink. I don’t see wifi on plans getting better any time soon. (Outside of major cities wifi/cell service/broadband still suck.)

  4. I’m still so surprised that there are no decent international data plans for mobile devices… with so many people living increasingly global lives and regularly traveling across borders there’s certainly value in such a service but no one seems to have managed to negotiate a global plan between carriers etc…

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