2 thoughts on “Is four year cycle toxic for startups?”

  1. In general I would agree that there’s a mindset with founders and early startup employees, that if things don’t reach a target within a set timeframe…it’s time to exit. But we need to change this thinking process and get more young people, re-focusing on the long-term plan, especially when VC’s/Advisors have the experience to see the bigger vision.

  2. Thinking short-term could also be the very reason why we don’t have tons of “breakouts”. For returns over a short-period, your priorities and orientation probably deviate from factors which lay the foundations of a sustainable business model. Of course, if you can make money quickly, you can slowly model your business for a longer life, but it also drastically reduces the probability of breakouts or breakouts surviving beyond a certain number of years. Personal opinion, not backed by experience.

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