8 thoughts on “Three times the trouble”

  1. I’m in the market for either an iPhone 5 or Android device. The S4 seems to do so much cool stuff that I really don’t need. I’m a techie and it seems overwhelming to me. The one feature I’m actually attracted to is the Google Now service. This is what I envisioned Apple providing as services after the iPhone 3GS.

    I’m almost certain I’ll go with my 5th iPhone but Google Now seems almost compelling enough to put up with the rest of the Android/Manufacture/Provider ecosystem.

  2. “Samsung quickly sold 10 million”

    Actually they didn’t sold 10 million of them, those are shipments to channels and carriers. It remains to be seen how many exactly were really sold to customers. Samsung likes to make this kind of propaganda by not reporting real numbers.

  3. I’m reading this on my 3rd iPad and iOS’ comparative freedom from malware and script kiddie scum makes the question moot. I await the next iPad and iteration of iOS.

    When Google or one of their 3rd parties offers something useful, an Apple app developer – or the originator – will soon offer me an option. The opposite simply isn’t the case.

  4. I agree that Google Now is compelling, but it’s not enough of a reason to deal with the headaches that come with Android/ WOuld I consider a pure android phone that is not beholden to AT&T or Samsung for software and system updates? I would at least consider it.

  5. I don’t understand the whole iOS versus Android thing. Seriously, fanbois on both side make pretty stupid arguments because they just can’t get it around their heads that each has pluses and minuses. I just switched from my iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S4 and I can honestly say that I like both. The only reason I didn’t decide to go with iPhone again was because in order to get the phone working the way I want, I have to jailbreak…and there is no guarantee there will be a jailbreak or when it will be released; even if the former is likely, it’s the latter that concerns me because I rely on my phone for work and less for play so I can’t wait. I turned off all the bells and whistles Samsung added (some gimmicks some I can see a use for) and disabled the remaining crap (seriously I don’t know why there is a Samsung app store or what the hell the other crapware is, but deleting it all would be a nice option – oh iOS has stuff I don’t want either and can’t get rid of, but there is less and it takes up far less space). That said, at least Samsung gives me the option to hide it, something Apple should do. In the end it boils down to personal choice, doesn’t it? Without going into a long rant myself, all I can say is that for me the S4 (after a lot of not-so-obvious tweaking) works the way I like and has apps that iOS doesn’t have that I find very useful (and a few that I used on jb iOS that have more functions)..I miss some apps from iOS, but I have an iPad for that. So best of both worlds…at least in my case.

  6. Maybe carriers should focus on making awesome networks and not apps. And good customer service!

    The carriers are only interested in what makes them money, to hell with what the customers want!

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