San Francisco & Alpha Adoption Culture

As it often happens, whenever I leave the hothouse of Silicon Valley, the bigger picture emerges and dots start to connect. It is not because I become a different person, it just so happens that my perspective changes. And even if it is going for one coast to another, it is good to view your world from a different perspective and a different lens. It is something that is very useful in any and all businesses.

While I was in New York, a friend and I joked about the gulf between Silicon Valley and rest of the world. Pink mustaches, cars on demand, deliver-by-phone and cashless payments via the phone are pretty normal behavior in the city by the Bay. Not so much in New York.

Definitely not in Kalamazoo, Michigan or Atlanta, Georgia. People still use Blackberry here. The point my friend made (at same time taking a potshot at living in the future) that while it is great to be carried away by the possibilities of technologies, the real world moved at much slower speed.

Maybe it is time for consumer oriented Silicon Valley Startups to think different and start launching their services in the real world first instead of trying to capture the data from alpha adopter crowd in our backyard? Of course that would mean talking to venture capitalists who actually look up from their screens and leave the Bay Area and venture into the real world.

Just a thought!

A letter from Om

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