3 thoughts on “Instagram vs Twitter vs Facebook”

  1. While I understand why bloggers and pundits think that Twitter is the be all, end all of communications, I have to point out that this is a case of writers projecting their love of use case onto the rest of the world.
    I’m the father of a very tech savvy and connected high schooler, and have yet to have her or any of her friends answer that they actually use Twitter (although all, like me, have Twitter accounts.)
    I work in the IT software industry and similarly, have no friends who are even minimally involved with Twitter.
    All use Facebook extensively.
    The reason is simple…
    Twitter is a headline broadcast medium, appealing to those who want to spread their wisdom far and wide to an anonymous audience. Its also a good way to get fast exposure to links that you can then re-blog.
    But the vast majority of us realize that bumper-sticker length exposition and drive-by wisdom are not effective communication tools, and indeed contributes to the shallowness of our discourse.

    Or, I could Tweet this response as “@om Twitter is a shallow medium for easy snark.”

    Which is more effective?

  2. They’re all entirely redundant and time wasting, not to mention the capitalizing margin it has on the retarded consumers who actually subscribe to them by thinking that It’s relevant and trendy and a must have thanks to the media and group peer pressure – Cui Bono ? The Lobbyist and shareholders who actually make Lucrative profits from all of it, not the silly extroverted cunts who are mired in a distracted milieu with a carrot being dangled in front of their faces to temporarily pacify their whims – meanwhile the rich continue to be rich stay rich and revise ways of KEEPING THEIR POCKETS AND THE SYSTEM THIS WAY in perpetuity….Plutocracy.

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