Anniversaries and birthdays are nothing more than a chance to reflect and collect one’s thoughts. This past week the little experiment called GigaOm turned seven years old. It has been seven years of lessons learned, embracing failure and challenging preconceived notions. The past seven years have allowed me to figure out that in life if we are really lucky we are able find that one thing we truly love and luckier still if  we can turn that one love into work and life.

These seven years have allowed me to form deep relationships with everyone from those on my team (past and present) and equally importantly with the community that rewards me with their attention. You have supported me through thick and thin — so thank you for keeping the dream alive. I don’t know what the future holds, but I can’t wait for it to arrive and I can’t wait to write about it. I hope I can count on all of you to come along for the journey into the unknown.

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