2 thoughts on “Solid like a sock”

  1. It took a very fashionable friend to teach me that fashion is a curation of personal style and an art. It reacts to culture and our own tastes and, as such, is ephemeral. Not all of us use the same pallets and a huge number of different results are possible.

    The overlap between people who design and modify their own pieces and those who create trends through their curation isn’t huge, but both of them lead mainstream culture and, as such, have a much larger voice.

    I’m not fashionable, but I appreciate those who move things along and make the streets a bit more interesting.

    1. Excellent thoughts, Steve. I think for me personally fashion is less important. What matters to me is constant refinement of my tastes where I find a complete oneness with a product. A watch, a shoe, a pair of socks, a bag… whatever it is — I keep tweaking my own expectations of it and once I find it…

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