5 thoughts on “2008-2013: A look at my 5 year book buying patterns”

  1. Great statistics about self and reading habits! You are a voracious reader for sure. Makes me wonder what kind of books these were and what kind of articles. I mean, after all, books vs. articles is an artificial distinction and some words strung into sentences are harder and slower reads than others. Also, are you a sporadic reader (in that case shorter articles would suit you more), have you developed a habit of reading in spurts or do you like to retire with some time in hand and start reading. Very thought-provoking!

  2. My physical book purchases have dropped dramatically. About 2-3 ebooks a month these days, but I still spend time in the library and use my card. There is also online access to more than a few journals. I’m listening to some audiobooks during my exercise sessions, but more often podcasts. (a beauty of podcasts is you can listen at 2x speed) About once a week we rent a movie on iTunes. No TV… Getting rid of cable was good for so many reasons…

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