6 thoughts on “Real meaning of Amazon Drones”

  1. I think so long as every drone made is programmed to not kill humans as we evolve with integrated AI in the hardware, we should be fine. The last thing we need are more drone weapons flying around killing more innocent people in the hands of the unevolved but mechanically inclined.

    As for the public acceptance, best bet is Domino Drone Delivery. That would be the way to get the public on board naturally and wide spread. As common as Amazon is to many, to most of my neighbors, Amazon still references a jungle. I agree with the comments re well calculated timing for the holidays. And, as well as I see some tricks from Donald Rumsfeld’s bag (priming). Clever.

  2. In some article on CNBC, they were referring Bezos to Steve Jobs. I see the vision coming in Bezos. These kind of innovative thoughts move the world ahead… This news did catch everybody in surprise.

  3. Bezos delivers so well, that the delivery behemoth UPS couldn’t deliver on Christmas. If the drone delivery happens… I am pretty sure the skies will be way too creepy for me to stay in the city.

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