2 thoughts on “Square, Receipts & the Experience Design”

  1. lol, the part that made me laugh … “make it as easy as communication”. design requires substance to have any relevance in our world. I just cannot imagine tech really wants to take its moment of opportunity to further imprint our world like this reality wants to be a harbinger of more of the same reality Madison ave and Hollywood have created, but maybe I read that all wrong, and I’m wrong. to herald a receipt that perpetuates consumer emotional dependence and addictions because ….. this has worked so well for us on planet earth, a world at war with environmental issues we are over our heads with … quite depressing, really. sorry. maybe I’ll watch the interview later and find something being communicated that is anything more than the coupons on a grocery receipt with great graphics. no, you don’t have to approve this comment, I just needed to say it. I’m going to go make coffee now and tell my daughter yeah, justin bieber may be our greatest musician ever. it will make her feel great.

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