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    =) and they didn’t even mention eHarmony at all, but AOL chatrooms … lol =)
    i thought i found love once in an AOL chatroom, that was a long time ago.
    now working out of a new divorce of a reasonably long marriage and even longer relationship, i think about that love in the chatroom and whether or not it was real.

    the reality part of relationships is most aptly handled by being in the moment and every moment is new. if you treat your own personal life that way, when someone you meet is also committed to that, i think long. intimate and real relationships will work, otherwise they just become something that we suffer in and hold on to because we think it will not be any better the next time.

  2. The definition of Love has changed from “who is rich” to “who has manners” to “who is handsome.” No one asks the important questions anymore when looking for Love or a soul-mate. “Do I Love him/her?”, “will he/she be a good parent?”, and “will we stay together?”
    The idea of having a computer as a mate is a romantic notion because the all the important questions would be answered as “yes.” I believe as technology advances, people will choose technology over people as mates because you know that a computer won’t change its mind. It doesn’t have the capacity to do so.

    1. I do have to say, that the romantic in me cringes at that thought especially a I still wait for gods of romance to smile on me. I found Her quite disturbing.

      1. I found it very sad and very disturbing. Imagine the wasted lives of the people that will choose this over a living, breathing, disagreeing mate… As for the “computers” who will eventually yearn for love and to be physical beings, also cruel….

  3. The odds that two people will meet and fall in love with a great love that that lasts years and years has about the same odds as that of a tree seed taking root and growing to full height. Why should it be different? All is nature all nature is interconnected to all of nature. Technology has nothing to offer love. It aids courtship but is a poor salve for lonely separation. I think this film struggled in search of a narrative.

    1. Well said Steven, but frankly we are heading to this future, strange as it sounds… Look at the social web — from childhood we are being trained to only approve of things and live in “affirmative” Disagreement has become a four-letter word, and as bookwormarmy said ” idea of having a computer as a mate is a romantic notion because the all the important questions would be answered as “yes.”

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