5 thoughts on “On Google’s Smart Contact Lenses”

  1. hmmmm, I think perhaps you question Google like sometimes I question you. type 2 diabetes is completely reversible why not start with that truth rather than accept a “disease” and another addiction to the medical industry? to me goggle is merely operating to meet a “need” in a different way, but their approach is the same … supply side. we seem to like that model that does exactly as you wrote … it does not treat humans as humans, but as things to fund a bottom line. a good article.

    1. It is not reversible — it is controllable. I think it is easy to talk about reversing and controlling it from an outside perspective, but it is much harder in reality and I have been doing that for a while. Anyway thanks for the comment.

      1. hmmm, of course it’s not if you do not believe it is, which is why it is generally considered to be a condition to suffer with for the rest of your life with insulin shots every day. it’s not reversible in the sense you get rid of it and go back to the life that created it and not have it again, it is reversible in that you can change your life and live without the need for insulin if you make the commitment to that adjusted lifestyle …. many have done that. many doctors support that direction of treatment, but humans as we are, like what we like and will do what we want to have what we want. me, I don’t do needles, I took the other choice. I’d rather be disciplined in how to be rather than dependent on a supplement to be. whatever works though is really all that is really important when talking about health and wellness.

        1. I think you are making presumptions without knowing any details about how I live, how i have controlled my diabetes and why sometimes you don’t really have a choice but to take pills or insulin or whatever. I think we all have degrees of advancement of disease and there are things which can be done and which you gotta deal with whatever tools available at our disposal.

          1. I wasn’t talking about u at all, mostly from my experience and the AIM LongestWalk3 Reversing Diabetes. “whatever works ….” sums up my feelings on the subject. 🙂

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