3 thoughts on “iOS 7.1 & its impact on networks”

  1. At my office (with 14 sites around the country) we routinely block iOS updates — even the non-major releases — when we know they’re coming. Then we release the block a week or so after the rush. That pushes all the iOS update traffic onto someone else’s network and it preserves our Internet and WAN bandwidth for business uses.

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    Apple has one of the most consistent user bases when it comes to updates, and many people update fairly soon after updates are released. Because iOS 7.1 is a step up over the original releases of 7.0-7.0.6, this huge increase is not too surprising.

  3. If you install an osx server on the lan it will transparently cache apple updates and serve them locally, it makes a huge difference. Doesn’t need to be a big machine either we use 5 year old mac pro that also doubles as a time machine server.

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