6 thoughts on “XOAB Socks”

  1. I’m kind old too and in the eighties loved to wear a pair of Snoopy character socks to parties. My friends were all bright but conventional. Wearing those socks was fun because I felt a little rebellious and free. My future wife was at one party and her reaction signaled just what I was looking for so asked her out. Things went well and twenty seven years later the marriage has endured, though the socks are long gone.

  2. I was “this close” to getting into the schmatta trade 30 years ago when computer controlled cutting was coming in. I wonder, I wonder…

  3. Hi Om, Did your site layout change recently? I can’t seem to find your weekly reading list. Was following your reading list for the past few weeks. Please make it accessible easily via a post index or such. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Om! Thanks for trying our socks! As far as “sheen” goes, we’re heading in the opposite direction, optimizing for softness rather than sheen; we just took delivery of our first pallet of Supima cotton yarn last week, pretty much the best cotton made in the US, softer and stronger than even Egyptian or Peruvian cotton. That said, we’ve also gotten a lot better at the feel and softness of our fabric since your socks we made back in last September. Stay tuned: we’re committed to making our socks some of the best on the planet!


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