2 thoughts on “Cook, Beats and Jobs”

  1. Whether or not $3.2 is a fair price may be debatable. What isn’t debatable is this:

    “The future of revenue for recorded music isn’t going to come from selling music to consumers — it will come from selling music audiences to advertisers” With that in mind, Apple is moving itself and the recording industry in the right direction. Broadcast radio’s $16 billion in revenue is under attack.


  2. Some people seem to be making way to much of this acquisition. Even to the point of Iovine getting a board seat – The reality seems to be they bought a company with $1.6B in revenue for roughly double that – Mouse nuts in the scheme of things and only affects one small, small area of Apple – music downloads (now streaming). The hardware part is pocket change dropped on the floor for a company the size of Apple.

    If things don’t go as Apple plans, it will not be a major deal.

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