3 thoughts on “5 steps of a startup”

  1. I have trust issues/fears about employees. I guess it’s the age old problem of wanting to do everything myself. Waiting for your article on that subject 😉

  2. @om Given the influence both @fredwilson and you have, its important to point out that there’s a world of startups (in India certainly, US and elsewhere) that grow without any venture funding. The stages of a startup, what @nenindia terms as the entrepreneur lifecycle are certainly along the lines of what Fred & you’ve outlined – however such an articulation in funding terms makes these IMO an unnaturally large part of how most startups grow. Funding is an input and often comes in as debt and other forms (customers, accruals) – so it might be bit fairer to articulate these in company stage milestones terms.

    #1 Product market fit -> #2 paying customers -> #3 growing team ->
    #4 breakeven -> #5 growth -> exit or sustained and growing profits

  3. After studying the startup process in a few different ways, it is safe to say that you want to have a pretty strong team initially as well; their diversity in the brainstorming process during your search for the product-market fit is invaluable. You may also want to have your exit strategy and growth plan available early on if you are seeking VC funding. Thinking of the process in steps is an apt way to approach it, however. 🙂

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