3 thoughts on “Beats, iWatch & Apple’s fashion forward future”

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    Some interesting points here. I think that Apple has limited certain options (colors for example) for reasons aside from scale (though scale is definitely one part of the equation) and cost. Focus and making the very best products are at the core of Apple’s DNA. I’ve said it over and over – Tim Cook is doing a great job and history will likely look back on his time at Apple as one of the best eras of Apple’s reign. He is setting Apple up for the future and there are products and forward thinking decisions that will support this long term view. He’s definitely the best choice to lead Apple at this point.

  2. What Apple needs, is people from the toy industry and Casio, because the iWatch is in the same realm as all the toys you see in Spykids and James Bond. The remote control watch and the temperature sensor all fall in the same category.

    The iWatch is going to be the ultimate cloud device, even more than any other mobile device.

    Function before fashion.

  3. Do you think Apple’s limited variability is a matter of scale? I think it’s a strategy of simplicity: Keeping things simple make the purchase decision easier and in turns it makes it more likely for consumers to become buyers. Apple could easily make 20 versions of the iPhone and people would eat it up, but by making three colors and three capacities they make the purchase process easier.

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