3 thoughts on “Why Customization is the Future”

  1. Om,

    Don’t typically comment but have to completely agree with you (& Magnúsdóttir) here. In a world where everyone wants to fit in but be slightly different, this must be the next wave in fashion.

    Take Flint and Tinder Denim on Demand for instance. The conversation their founder had with Siemens on building a fully customized buying experience for the consumer, according to the Siemens exec, was the way to bring manufacturing back to America. We have a humble (extremely small) hand in this as well with EXODUS but see it coming more and more.

    Thanks for sharing…

  2. and here I just thought it was the shift top the Aquarian Age and its celebratory way it empowers individuality and its collective way of organizing so many individual beings, concepts and fashion trends. It was the internet the whole tym. I guess I should put the astrology books away and get a real job.

  3. So true Om , and i guess some concepts thought long back takes time to mature and hit at right time… customisation is a thing we know and have been doing it from many moons in an offline world…though doing it in online world took its own time as trust, convenience and being part of the tribe had to pick up in the masses… Now waiting for channels like Facebook or other companies to enhance this experience around customisation (or) is it a fundamental shift we are going to see in the online space?

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