Seems like print is still money

Why did C/Net start a print magazine? Well, because Madison Avenue still throws a ton of money at print and it is about 19 percent of all ad spending even though its less than five percent of media consumption. Vanity Fair has tons of prestige and influence with a circulation of only 1 million. You can repeat that story many times. The ambiguity of print is what makes it so attractive to all of those people who don’t want to be held accountable. Big name writers still like the comfort of print, unless offered gobs of money to go digital. All tech people, despite praying at the altar of digital want to be immortalized for posterity in print. Good move (CBS Interactive chief) Jim Lanzone. Now all you need to do is find readers — oh, never mind, the advertisers won’t know if anyone actually read the magazine or not — as long as they take it home.

A letter from Om

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