The New MacBook

Ever since my friend Matt got his new 12-inch (with Retina) MacBook, I have been lusting to try it out. Unfortunately, they are in short supply. Apple sent me a unit to try out and I am eventually going to write about my experience, but here are three photos that tell you everything about the aesthetics of the device. It is thinner than the latest copy of The Rake magazine. First thing you notice — the space gray color is actually gorgeous. It is light and feels like a well crafted product. Apple’s ability to innovate under the hood is what truly makes it an exceptional company. It is on display in this 2-pound marvel. The new MacBook is a marriage of ingenuity, industrial design and possibilities of technology. I look forward to putting it through the paces — not like your gadget reviewer, but more like a guy who travels a lot and hates carrying extra weight. These photos were snapped using a Sony A7-II camera and a Zeiss 1.8/55 mm lens.
MacBook20141-2 MacBook20141-3

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