WordPress at 13

It came to life before Twitter. It was around before Facebook. It has been written off for dead and/or obsolescence by many. And yet WordPress continues to grow, slowly and steadily. It accounts for about 26 percent of the web, and it is open source. And it was 13 years ago today, the software that powers my digital homestead took its first baby steps. I was one of the (if not the) earliest adopters of the software. It has changed a lot from those humble beginnings but as a blogger it still makes it possible for me to write, connect and publish without being beholden to an entity like Facebook. Thank you WordPress community for everything you do, everyday, and good luck for the future!

PS: Today happens to be the 79th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is as magnificent today as it was at the time of its birth! 

A letter from Om

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