Holiday from Social Internet

I am officially on a holiday break and that means tuning out the Internet, picking up some good books and essentially feeding the mind. I am not into holiday celebrations or popping champagne on the New Year’s Eve. Instead, for me this is a time for quiet contemplation. And as part of this effort, I have decided to get off the Social Internet for the near foreseeable future. 

  • My life isn’t that interesting that I need to broadcast every minute of it. Perhaps restricting myself to the blog is the right way to balance what’s important and what’s not. Occasional updates on life, plus a lot of links of what I find worth reading will follow, starting today.
  • Instead of Instagram (which I have shutdown for a few weeks including making it private), I will post photos in full size on my photo blog, It will be good for story telling as well.
  • Hopefully, the focus away from social will allow me to write more often and not be distracted by the stuff that doesn’t really matter. 

A letter from Om

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