To set the record straight… 

Every so often I get emails from folks emailing me about an event Gigaom is hosting or pitching me a story. Others hit me up on Twitter and Facebook for same reasons. And while it would be nice to help, but unfortunately I don’t have any relationship with the current iteration of Gigaom and the people behind the brand. I have had no involvement with the company since it went out of business in March 2015 and had been acquired by a group of investors. I left Gigaom in December 2013 ans became a fulltine partner at True Ventures and have been actively investing since. I also write for The New Yorker and here on my own blog. And no I don’t need to be contacted by PR professionals. 

The brand, Gigaom, as it stands today, the publications and the events are an antithesis of my thinking and approach to media, and events. I am sorry — but it would be great if folks would direct their emails and inquiries to the current owners of Gigaom and their team. 

January 6, 2017. San Francisco. 

Photo courtesy of Stationery Shop via the Over App

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