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Mondays are usually the days I am most excited about mostly because I love the idea of going to work. But not today. I had decided to stay low-key this past weekend. Instead of doing any reading or writing, I ended up binge watching Life Below Zero on Netflix. It made me miss a lot of sleep. The show is riveting in a way only reality tv shows can be: just enough hooks to keep glued to the screen. If I don’t get enough sleep I get fidgety and can’t focus and precisely that’s what happened today. 

It turned out to be a day when I couldn’t eat and was restless, wondering to myself, I should use a fidget spinner to calm down. There are 73,000 fidget spinners on Amazon.com — good indication that a trend is pretty much played out. I mean that is a lot of fidget spinners and that’s a lot of ADD and I still haven’t found the one I think would be ideal for me. By the way, my True Ventures partner Jon Callaghan’s son made a mini-killing selling spinners. Over a year ago. I guess, like father, like son.

I was thinking about fidget spinners mostly because I got a very anxious Monday. I’ve been thinking about trying to focus and write and have been unable to do either mostly because I have been Internet-distracted. I ended up on Amazon because of this story in Quartz, which revealed that Amazon has 19 in house brands, that sell everything from beef to baby clothes. And more are coming. Quartz says Amazon should be upfront about it.

When I read that story and thought to myself: now that’s a company putting data to good use. It sees what people like, creates a brand and sucks out margins, while those selling on Amazon are left wondering: damn if we do, damn if we don’t. There is no way brands cannot sell on Amazon and there is hell to pay if they do because they tell Amazon the very dynamics of their business. In other words, Amazon is the ultimate frenemy!

While you think about this, how about spending a few minutes of your time on Whatifbitcoin.com, a website that helps you calculate how much money you would have made if you had invested in bitcoin. It does really take you back to the early days of dotcom mania and the hey day of stock trading message boards.

And when you are done calculating your mythical dollars, how about thinking about spending them on these amazing blue suede Converse Jack Purcells. I love these sneakers, though if I had to spend my money, it would be on Where to drink coffee, a book where 150 baristas and coffee experts share 600 locations in 50 odd countries. I just want to see how accurate they are in their coffee picks!

And if you want to read something amazing, then check out the Feelings of failure, a great piece by Elad Gill. Startup life isn’t easy and it has its emotional challenges.

Now it is time for some meditation!

August 7, 2017. San Francisco

P.S. I just started a new Instagram account – @ombnw where I share only monochrome/b&w photos. If you like B&W photos then follow me there. Otherwise, there is always Om.

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